Chris meets Johnny.

CC: Hey Johnny. How you been, I see you’ve found a nice spot up here…

JC: What? What time is it? What the hell are you doing up here so early Chris? I wasn’t expecting to see you.. not in this decade anyway.

CC: Yea, it is kinda strange Johnny. But my time came and I had to go… You know how it is once your name’s heard through the speakers.

JC: Well nevermind Chris, time is irrelevant anyway. Now you’re here and this is the best place you can be. We should play that song of yours sometime, I love it man! But first go settle down somewhere near your friends. They’re down the hall.

CC: Oh man yes that’d be great Johnny… thanks. I see Andrew, Kurt, Layne and Scott down there, I better go say hi… See what those cats were up to all these years.
I’ll see you around Johnny take care.

JC: You too Chris.

Chris meets Johnny.