We either came from the sea
Or fell from the stars
We are made of water and stardust
As we evolve and invent our gods
We grow wiser and all we really pursue
Is to become gods ourselves
New ways to feel and look better – We fail
This world is imperfect and so are we
We are god and God is all
In StarFish we trust


One thought on “IN STARFISH WE TRUST

  1. ακολουθώντας τα ίχνη των στίχων απ το facebook όπου τα δανείστηκε μια φίλη, στο google κι απο εκεί στο myspace, κατέληξα εδώ.
    χωρίς περισσότερα λόγια… απλά, μπράβο.

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